An Initiative to establish an Organic farm in Beit Surik

An Initiative to establish an Organic farm in Beit Surik

The "House of Jerusalem for Environmental Agriculture" initiative, affiliated with the Beit Al-Maqdis Cooperative Agricultural Society in Beit Surik, northwest of Jerusalem, secured funding from the Dalia Association's Jerusalem Fund. This grant aims to support youth-led initiatives seeking financial opportunities to enhance their roles in the community and contribute positively to Jerusalem. Taha Al-Jamal, the initiative's spokesperson, emphasized, "This initiative holds significant importance for the future of agriculture and crop sustainability."


The focus of the "House of Jerusalem for Environmental Agriculture" initiative revolves around establishing an organic farm comprising a wide variety of vegetables, medicinal herbs, grapes, and sumac through vital environmental farming practices. The initiative includes numerous workshops and educational courses for farmers and enthusiasts interested in environmental agriculture. Presently, initiative members and volunteers are preparing the groundwork for cultivation.

The initiative aims to produce fresh vegetables, medicinal herbs, and local products on a daily basis, directly marketed through the "Your Farm's Basket" campaign, showcasing a diverse range of local products from the farm.

Dalia Association highly encourages and supports initiatives like this as they significantly contribute to promoting ecotourism, attracting visitors to the area to learn about the significance of environmental agriculture, preservation of the environment, and the daily production of fresh goods. The initiative seeks to raise awareness about the importance of environmental agricultural practices and their effective implementation to preserve the environment and ensure the production of healthy products.

The Jerusalem Fund, one of the community funds managed by the Dalia Association, received applications from eleven individual initiatives and three collective association initiatives for this grant.