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Diaspora Solidarity Volunteer Program

In partnership with To Be There, we established the Diaspora-Solidarity Volunteer Program in order to engage the Palestinian Diaspora and our friends in solidarity in voluntary activities. In the 10-day program, participants will learn about the political reality for Palestinians living under Occupation since 1948.  If participants wish to extend their visit, Dalia can match their  skills and knowledge with a community, where they will serve in a specified capacity based on the identified needs and priorities of the community.

Program may vary accordingly
Day One-July 1st:
 All day, Arrival and check into hotel. Evening: Introduction to organizers, participants and schedule.

Day Two-July 2nd: A tour through Bethlehem’s Ancient and recent history, exposing the current reality of Israeli control, explaining settlements, land theft, walls, checkpoints, gates and Israeli settler roads.  Evening discussion on Palestinians’ Identity.

Day Three-July 3rd: Morning: Visit different sites in the old city of Jerusalem, afternoon, exposing Israeli measures against Palestinians in Jerusalem and the surrounding towns, explaining the difference in treatment of local Palestinians vis-à-vis Jewish Israeli settlers within and around Jerusalem. Evening discussion on Palestine within different Israeli platforms including Education and Politics.

Day Four-July 4th: Volunteer day, work with a local Palestinian family on their land.

Day Five-July 5th: Palestinians in Israel; Visit the city of Nazareth, exposing current realities and struggles of Palestinians in Israel, visit destroyed Palestinians communities in the north and explaining different measures used by the state to eliminate Palestinians’ identity through the Israeli civil regime. 

Day Six-July 6th: visit Dalia Association and other relevant human rights organizations, and Yaser Arafat Museum.  Tentative visit to Nabi Saleh or Bilin. 

Day Seven-July 7th: Visit to the City of Hebron, expose the Impact of Israeli control on the 2nd oldest city in Palestine. Visit Al Ibrahimi Mosque and learn about the daily struggles of local families there. Evening discussion on Palestine related campaigning and the concept of Returning to Palestine in practice.

Day Eight-July 8th: Visit Jericho and the Jordan Valley, learn about the oldest city in the world, its history and current reality, visit Palestinians surviving through Israeli policies in the Jordan valley including land theft and restricting access to water. 

Day Nine-July 9th: Volunteer day, work with a local Palestinian family on their land.

Day Ten-July 10th: Morning, open session on advocacy and campaigning for justice in Palestine, Free afternoon, evening music and farewell event. 

Program Cost: $1200 US.
The program cost doesn’t include airfare or transport to and from the airport.

Early Bird Registration:

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If registered with flight confirmation, by April 15, 2019, the price will be $1000.

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