Women Supporting Women Program

Women Supporting Women Program

The Women Supporting Women program (WSW) brings together women to mobilize local resources for local or regional projects of their choice.  This program is entirely run by women, and extends funding solely to women’s organizations, individuals, or volunteer groups.

The program also houses four Women’s funds in four districts in the West Bank: Jericho, Ramallah, Tulkarem and Salfit.

  1.  We start with trainings and workshops with the women to identify their priorities and needs and come up with solutions that benefit all the members of the community.
  2. The women come up with solutions through initiatives that benefits the entire community.  Then they decide on which individuals or local women community-based organizations (CBOs), or active women volunteer groups receive the grants through an open voting process.
  3. The leaders (grantees) then implement their initiatives under the supervision of a local monitoring and evaluation committee, selected by the women on the voting day.
  4. The initiatives should benefit the community, use local cash and non-cash resources, and consider the environmental and social context of the community. At least 25% of the resources should come from the women as a community contribution.  
  5. Dalia supports and mentors the grantees in implementing their initiatives and linking them to relevant resources.


Check out one of the initiatives chosen by the women groups in Susya, South of Hebron: