Because Community Giving is our National Wealth

Social Change Auction

Social Change Auction

What is the Social Change Auction:

The Social Change Auction is Dalia Association’s effort to support local community solutions and initiatives in Palestine. The event which happens each fall is similar to an auction, except that selected initiatives do a pitch about their initiative and how it contributes to community development in Palestine, taking into consideration the environmental dimension as well as the social, cultural, and the local economy. In return, the attendees are welcomed to support the initiatives by offering donations on spot (live crowdfunding). In September we open the call for application to local initiatives to participate through a video application. A committee that is representative of the local community is formed. They choose two initiatives to participate in this event.


How it is done:

  • The leaders of the initiatives provide a presentation on how their project achieves community development in Palestine.
  • Afterwards, they leave the room, so that the donation session begins.
  • The attendees are all welcomed to donate to each initiative respectfully, depending on their desire and will. The minimum donation is 20 NIS. (The cost for a large cappuccino).
  • After the donation session is over, the leaders of the initiatives are asked to come back, and the donation for each initiative is announced.