Beit Al-Karma

Beit Al-Karma

Beit Al Karmeh, from the Dalia Association, is a guest house, that is located in the middle of a cluster of Ottoman-era buildings in the old city of Kufr Aqab. During your visit to the place, you can go back in time and explore how our grandmothers and grandfathers lived in these houses. Beit Al Karmeh includes a community kitchen, meeting rooms, and co-working space, in addition to two guestrooms. It is equipped with the latest devices to receive your meeting and workshops and to serve as a platform for you to launch your entrepreneurial projects.

Dalia Association, in partnership with the Riwaq- Center for Architectural conversations, the German Cooperative and the Municipality of Kafr Aqab, collaborated to preserve this site and protect it from rapid urbanization and reconstruction through restoring the site. This project is supported by the DROSOS FOUNDATION.

At Dalia Association, we believe in the role of the community in determining their needs and priorities, and we focus on four aspects in achieving a durable development: the local, cultural, social, and environmental economy, so by preserving this cluster of buildings of the Ottoman era, we are preserving our social and cultural identity and heritage.


You can find the price list of the meeting spaces and other spaces at Beit Al Karmeh here.

Guest house

The Sakhra(Rock) Meeting Room

What makes this room special is that a large part of it was buried underground, and the restoration team excavated meters underground.

The Elliye(Attic) Meeting Room

A sunny meeting room overlooking a colorful dome, which was painted by the late artist Muhammad al-Julani, the attic meeting room is connected to the co-working space, but it is distinguished by it

Bessan Room

A small residence room featured with a double bed, it has simple and calming design and outfitted with comfortable colors. It is suitable for one or two residents.

Majdal Room

A large residence room featured with a bed and A sofa, Majdal is characterized by its relaxing Moroccan design. It is suitable for one resident looking for more space or two.

Co-working space

If you are looking for a quiet place to launch your entrepreneurial project, or you are currently working from home and want a quiet space and atmosphere that will make you enjoy during your work p

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