Community Funds

Community Funds

Because we seek independence from traditional and politically tied aid, many communities we have previously worked with, decide to establish their own fund to allocate resources towards their own needs and priorities.

There are many community issues that concern us as citizens, you can tackle them by establishing a community fund at Dalia Association. This infographic shows you how*.

This is an illustration of an example fund, steps may vary according to each fund’s criteria.


Gaza Fund

Dalia Association as part of the community philanthropy is fundraising to donate to Gaza Fund, which will respond to the needs and priorities of the community. Directly and once, there is access of implementation in Gaza, Dalia will establish a committee of civil society representatives that will set the priorities. Taking into consideration that there is daily update of the needs and support for Gaza. The civil society committee will priorities the needs that may vary from humanitarian, health support, psychological support and /or providing grant to community services initiatives that all will help to rebuild Gaza.

Jerusalem Fund

The Palestinians in Jerusalem suffer from the Israeli Occupation on a daily basis. Israel has worked extensively on decreasing the city’s Palestinian population. Various methods have been adopted to achieve this objective at the expense of Palestinians. These include the isolation of Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank, discriminatory policies on construction, residency, land appropriation, and access to water, healthcare, and education, among many others. This fund aims to support Palestinian community priorities in Jerusalem, such as education, home demolitions, unemployment and other issues depending on the constantly changing priorities in the city and its vicinity.

The Education Fund

The Education fund, in partnership with Esnad Student Support, aims to send students to get a higher education. In return, these students give back to their local communities by tutoring schoolchildren in different subjects, such as math, Arabic, English and sciences, in order to enhance their academic performance.

Wadi Fuqeen Village Fund

The Wadi Fuqeen village fund was established when a member from the Diaspora, originally from the village, reached out the Dalia Association, to establish a fund for her home village. The aim of the fund is to support small scale farmers in the village.