Yallah IBDA'- Voting Day in Budrus

Yallah IBDA'- Voting Day in Budrus

We organized the voting day on Friday the 5th of April in the village of Budrus-west of Ramallah, as part of the IBDA’ Youth Program.

All the leaders of the initiatives came from the surrounding villages of Budrus, Qibya, Deir Qidees, and Ni’ilin.

These were the initiatives:

  • Qibya Service Center- Mohammad Yousef: this center will provide services for students in the village in regards to printing, access to the internet, and training in research.
  • Al Natouf Market-Usayd and his team: they plan to hold a bazaar to support local producers, as well as reviving the old Khawaja Castle in Ni’ilin, with social and cultural activities.
  • Elderly Day Care center-Nariman and her team: they want to provide a space for the elderly of Burdrus, to support them, and provide them with different activities, including engaging them to produce certain crafts.
  • Bab Il Hawa-Sireen: creating a public garden/space in the village of Budrus.
  • Publications on Budrus-Anas: producing a booklet containing information about the village with a brief description of historical sites.
  • Mantooji Falasteeni-Dina: teaching the youth women in the village of Budrus to make homemade creams and other crafts.


In first place was the Qibya Service center which will receive a grant of $2000 US, and in second place was the Natouf Market which will also receive $2000U.S.

 Congratulations! We encourage the other initiatives to continue with their wonderful ideas! We also would like to thank Ruwwad for their continuous support as well as the committee and the attendees for their precious time.

This project is supported by Drosos Foundation

 Photo source: Ruwwad