Voting Day 2020-IBDA' Youth Program in Gaza Strip

Voting Day 2020-IBDA' Youth Program in Gaza Strip

We organized the voting day on the 25th of July, 2020 for IBDA' Youth Program- Gaza, supported by DROSOS, where 20 initiatives were presented. The participants and a committee representing local community organizations voted for the best 4 initiatives, with a vote weight of 40%-60% respectively, and following a set of criteria- innovation of the initiative, its ability to solve a community issue, its sustainability and its focus on one of the main pillars of Dalia's approach to community development (culture, community, environment and local economy). As the fourth-place witnessed a tie, the committee recommended supporting both fourth-place initiatives through splitting the grant amount. Therefore, Dalia Association will support 5 initiatives and will grant $2,000 to each winning initiative. Dalia Association will also provide the in-kind technical assistance needed for the implementation of the initiatives.

The list below is a summary of the 5 winning initiatives:
1. Back to Land: A sustainable economic, agricultural, and environmental project that aims at finding alternative and effective solutions to reduce agricultural, environmental, and health problems resulting from the excessive use of chemical fertilizers by farmers in the Gaza Strip. This project includes the production of crops of the nightshade family such as (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant) ) through safe organic cultivation as an alternative to conventional farming.

2. Palette Store: An artistic, environmental, cultural, and economic project that mainly adopts garment recycling with the aim of promoting a community value that adopts the optimum reuse of available local resources in a modern way, along with the production of handicrafts such as drawing on grape leaves. An online store will be launched and the project will extend to train a group of women interested in recycling and handicrafts with the aim of providing them with an alternative source of income through launching their projects.

3. Zero Fat: An agricultural and nutritional project that aims at recycling the nuclei of dates and turning them into products of nutritional value, as well as producing healthy products free of sugar and wheat gluten. The project plans to manufacture more than 30 items of pastries, cakes, and other sugar-free foods, as the Gaza Strip lacks a place dedicated to providing appropriate food for diabetics, dieters, and people who are allergic to white wheat products.

4. Be my eye: A socio-cultural artistic initiative, mainly based on the production of various audio recordings, and the recording of a number of systematic audiobooks for people with visual impairment in the absence of community interest in this marginalized group. The initiative targets people with visual impairment as well as children as there will be recorded children's stories, podcast episodes alongside freelancing work.

5. Ghasak Store: An economic project that works on producing wooden parts, interior and exterior decorations, and antique pieces of high quality from materials of used wood, natural wood (trees), and other materials available in the environment. The project invests in the resources available and reuses them in a way to contribute to cleaning the environment, converting them into artistic works, and providing a source of income for the participants.

We are so excited for all the chosen initiatives, and wish them the best!