1 February 2024


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In the spirit of unity and solidarity, Dalia Association has been dedicatedly working to address the pressing needs and challenges faced by our community through this challenging period.

We are delighted to share that your generous donations have fueled the Gaza Fund. This community fund is our beacon of hope, a dedicated resource to respond to the Post-war community development needs of Gaza.


Immediate Relief Efforts: Recent challenges to Gazan workers who were expelled from their jobs and thrown out to the West Bank leaving them in vulnerable situation without basic supplies nor shelter. Dalia Association has contributed in partnership with other organizations to provide clothes and food supplies, offering immediate relief to our people in need, but there are more to be heard and supported.


How You Can Help: Your support is instrumental in making a meaningful impact. By contributing to the Gaza Fund, you are actively participating in the restoration of hope and resilience in the lives of those affected. Together, we can build a community based on social justice.


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"Harvesting Hope: The Resilience in Gaza's Dragon Fruit Initiative"


'The initiative succeeded, and we believe it will continue to thrive.' In the midst of war and challenges, these words resonate deeply, a testament to the remarkable success of a project born from adversity. Funded by the 'Giving for Change' project, the initiative emerged to fill the absence of dragon fruit in Gaza. Despite the difficulties, resilient individuals embarked on cultivating this new and unfamiliar product, a journey marked by determination and hope. The first dragon fruit blossomed symbolizing triumph for these women. More than just a fruit, it embodies resilience, hope, and the transformative power of positive change."

“A World Without Voices”


Through the "Hekaya: A World Without Voices" initiative, funded by the "Giving for Change" project, Amani, a young Gazan deaf woman, effectively shared her story through a touching animated film filled with emotions and sentiments. This narrative encapsulates the voice of the deaf and mute, sharing a powerful message about the pain of loss experienced by Amani after she lost her sister in Gaza.

Here, we express our solidarity with Amani for her courage and unique creativity in sharing her thoughts. We emphasize the importance of supporting such initiatives that promote art and creativity for individuals with special needs. Check Amani’s animated video expressing her feelings HERE.

From a Health Hazard to a Public Park