Fidah Mousa

Fidah Mousa serves on the executive board of Dalia and takes pride in its mission to mobilize and effectively utilize resources required to empower a dynamic, independent, and accountable civil society through community-controlled grant-making. She previously served on the board of the ad-hoc group Volunteers for AL-Bireh, comprising individuals who successfully achieved the group's objective of mobilizing AL-Bireh community organizations. Their aim was to actively address community needs by amplifying the voice of the city's youth. Furthermore, Ms. Mousa co-led the committee for the fundraising Palestine 5K race from 2010 to 2012. The generated funds were annually dedicated to supporting a children-focused institution, with one specific year focusing on an organization implementing a reading campaign in public schools. Currently, Ms. Mousa holds the position of Education Expert at Enable Palestine, bringing with her over 30 years of experience in the education field. During her two decades at AMIDEAST, she played leading roles in internationally funded programs supported by entities such as USAID, the US State Department, MEPI, Ford Foundation, and the Open Society Institute. Her extensive professional association with Palestine's Ministry of Education involves leadership in professional development and community engagement, emphasizing a holistic approach to school improvement. This comprehensive approach stresses the importance of engaging all stakeholders in decision-making, including the local community. Ms. Mousa has contributed valuable insights to the design and implementation of programs for youth, children, scholarship initiatives, alumni programming, addressing social injustice issues, and empowering communities in rural areas.