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Our New Partnership

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with the Center for Arab American Philanthropy (CAAP) in Dearborn, Michigan...Read more

Community Sumoud صمود مجتمع ‎

Um Hatem participated in the Dalia Association's Women Supporting Women program.  The community selected Um Hatem's proposal to develop a food production operation within her women's cooperative in Beit Suriq... Read more

Active citizens and local economy, by Aisha Mansour

    I just got back from visiting friends, supporters, and partners in the UK and across the US.  It was so good to have the opportunity to meet many of you face to face and share with you the current situation in Palestine and what we are up toat the Dalia Association.  Supporting community led development is critical now more than ever.  We need to work together to create alternatives to the international aid system to mobilize resources to the communities in Palestine. Read more   

Aisha Mansour is from El-Bireh and spent many years living in the US. Most recently, she worked for the World Health Organization building the capacity of Jerusalem’s hospitals. She also co-founded several self-sustaining community initiatives. Please take a few minutes to watch an interview with Aisha to learn about her approach. Read more

Before Neoliberal Economics, We Had Al-Ouna

My grandfather raised sheep for a living. While he never had much cash, his raising sheep provided for a simple home for the family and nutritious food all year. He bought what he could not produce. He sold the excess that the family did not need, which included grapes from the vineyard and milk, yogurt, and kishek (dried yogurt balls) from the sheep. Families who did not have the means did not have to pay. Read more...



February 1st, 2016
Solar Energy – an alternative resource - a path to Palestinian self-determination. Monday- Feb 1, 2016, Dalia Association held a presentation titled “Solar Energy – a practical...
October 14th, 2015
As part of the women supporting women program, Dalia Association staff organized an initial workshop with the members of the women’s funds in Ramallah, Jenin, and Salfeet. The coalition...
September 8th, 2015
On September 8, 2015, four women’s associations signed an agreement to establish the Women’s Fund for Community Philanthropy for the Ramallah district. These women’s associations...
September 6th, 2015
On September 6, 2015, six women’s associations signed an agreement to establish the Women’s Fund for Community Philanthropy for the Salfeet district. These women’s associations...
January 22nd, 2015
To build on the previous workshop that tackled issues pertaining to women’s rights and prepare the participating CBOs for establishing women’s funds, on January 22-21-20, 2015 Dalia...