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Team Building Train-the-Trainer

Team Building Train-the-Trainer

Team Building Train-the-Trainer 

Dalia Association is seeking a trainer to plan and lead a team-building “train-the-trainer” session for Dalia staff. The session is part of a series of capacity-building sessions aimed at strengthening the staff team’s engagement on issues of gender justice and the team’s support of the groups in Dalia’s Women’s Fund.  


The desired outcomes of the ToT session:

  • Dalia staff will be able to identify and explain the components of healthy teams 
  • Dalia staff will develop skills to discuss the challenges and successes of team building with the groups in the women’s fund (and other funds) and identify groups’ needs  
  • Dalia staff will be able to lead activities/trainings and provide resources for groups they work with based on their team building needs 
  • Dalia staff will identify 2-3 practices to implement internally (on staff) to address challenges within staff team-building 


Proposed methodology:  

The trainer should provide overviews, examples, and sample activities for understanding, practicing, and teaching the components of healthy team building. Below is a list of possible topics. Dalia staff will identify 2-4 topics that the trainer should focus on for the training. 



  • Team building (the basics) 
    • Roles, structure, decision making models\
  • Healthy communication and working through conflict 
    • The basics of violent / nonviolent communication 
      • Emotional self-management 
    • Advocacy vs. inquiry
    • Deep listening 
    • “Leaning in” to conflict and managing conflict 
    • How to give a real apology 
    • Identifying conflict patterns
  • Visioning and strategizing
    • Defining shared values 
    • Defining a theory of change: What the groups is trying to achieve, and how they plan to get there 
    • How to strategize campaigns and projects   


  • Leadership development + giving feedback 
    • True leadership means developing the leadership of those around us.  Basic tools can help us do a better job of investing in each other’s leadership, including the art of giving feedback 


  • Combating dominant culture
    • Analyzing, naming, and combatting how structures like sexism, ableism, and classism (unintentionally) shape our organizational/group practices
  • Decision making models
    • Looking in depth at different decision making models and how to choose one 
  • Identifying challenges and offering remedies in team building 
    • Inquiry/asking the right questions
    • The art of offering assessments and advice 
  • Building connection among team members 
    • Embodiment and connection activities 
    • The role of relationship building in healthy teams 


Expected Deliverables:

- A detailed training plan for the implementation of the training, including timeline and duration. 

- Training material (both for the Dalia staff training, as well as materials that can be shared with Dalia’s partners)  on trauma, its impacts, healing, collective healing practices, etc

- A process for evaluation (survey, discussion questions, etc.) that helps the staff reflect on what they learned, what new questions they have, and how they plan to implement new skills from the training. These reflections should be recorded in some way.

- The trainer should share the training agenda, evaluation process, and materials with Dalia team members for feedback and workshopping before the training. 


Target audience:

This training course is intended for the full Dalia staff, including the organizational leadership, project directors and managers, and human resources and financial development staff. Some team members have been engaged in social activism and political initiatives, including feminist initiatives. All are university graduates with a bachelors degree and some have a masters degree.


Timeline, duration and location

  • The training should be planned and held by Feb 26, 2023.  
  • We propose the training takes place over 3 days (roughly 15 hours)
  • The training will take place in person in Ramallah, with some participants joining via Zoom from Gaza. 


Application Procedure:

After discussing the project with Dalia team members and clarifying any questions, please send us:

  • A proposal for the training, including a draft agenda, goals, activities, materials, etc. 
  • A proposal for financial compensation 
  • CV in English 


Examples of Desired Trainer Qualifications:
- At least 5 years direct experience in team leadership and organizational / group development 

- Knowledge and analysis on structural oppression and systems of violence, including sexism, racism, classism, ableism, homophobia/transphobia 

- Fluency in Arabic and English (spoken and written) 


Kindly send your CV, technical offer and price offer to Procurement Officer [email protected]    no later than 19.2.2023