Village Funds

Community Philanthropy for Real Development
Dalia Association was established in 2007 by members of the Palestinian community from the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, Gaza Strip, Israel, and the Diaspora. We are diverse in terms of age, gender, religion and politics, yet we are united by our vision -- to realize our rights as Palestinians to control our resources and sustain our own development for generations to come. Our mission is to mobilize and properly utilize resources necessary to empower a vibrant, independent and accountable civil society.



After over 150 meetings with Palestinian civil society leaders, activists, professionals, and philanthropic experts from around the world, a core group of Palestinians became convinced that an endowed community foundation -- as idealistic as this seems -- was worth pursuing.
What is a “community foundation?”
A community foundation is from the community and works for the community. In other words, the foundation is funded from the community and also invests in the community to build and strengthen groups that seek to serve their communities, leading to real, sustainable development.

Dalia aims to:
• Support inspirational and relevant civil society initiatives;
• Build a system of community philanthropy that responds to community priorities; and
• Advocacy for reform of the international aid system.
Dalia took the initiative to build a system for community philanthropy that would earn respect by everyone. Traditional philanthropy takes the form of charity or zakat and benefits limited groups of people. Moreover, asking for help is usually accompanied by feelings of shame. We wish to counter these trends by puting mechanisms in place that make giving easier, more strategic, and safer. These include:
1. Company Funds
Company Funds are intended to facilitate private sector giving. The company contributes a fixed amount per year into a company-named fund. The funds are granted to civil society initiatives.
2. Village Funds
Village Funds target Palestinian communities in Diaspora, and those who are willing to help their village or community. The funds are named according to the village benefitting, for example, The Zawya Village Fund.
3. Family Funds
Family Funds are in honor of a particular family or a specific name and are aimed at those inside Palestine or outside in Diaspora.
• These funds will be deposited in sub-account under the account of Dalia Association as a designated account for philanthropy.
• A legal agreement will be signed with each fund contributor and they are entitled to select the category that they will support, such as children, women, education, health services, etc.
• Every village has the right to have its own fund an investment for the benefit of all groups and sectors of the village.
How these funds will be spent and where?
A group will be formed that is trusted and recommended by the people of the village with a coordinator from Dalia. Anyone, individual or institution, can request a grant. The group will invite applications twice a year, which will be evaluated through the involvement of people who will vote according to the criteria they set. After implementation of the funded initiatives, the local community will evaluate them.

Who can
benefit from the Fund?
- Associations that implement development, productive or employment initiatives.
- Families with social cases and that are living under difficult conditions.
- Students who are unable to continue their education due to the lack of an income.
- Providers of services, infrastructure, and others needs.

Financial and administrative procedures
After the local community gets the grant, the committee goes to Dalia to complete the process which will happen in a specific direction for each case that was chosen to be benefited:
Social cases: Their needs to be covered as they want and according to the grant allocated for them and to make sure of that.
University and schools students: the grant to be transferred directly at the expense of the university but for school students is to be according to the system followed in the same school.
Services and infrastructure: the transformation is to the Committee authorized from the village, the municipality or the local council and to be spent at the approval of the local community.
The local monitoring and evaluation committee:
The local monitoring and evaluation committee supervises tenders and procurement, disbursement of funds, impact measurement, and reporting to the local community after each grant cycle.