The Village Decides - Grant program 2009/2010

The program was implemented in Al-Zawya village in Salfeet District, which has a population of 5500. the people of this village make their living on agriculture. More than 80% of the population at this village does not have regular work due to the establishment of inclusion wall and the Israeli expansion on Al- Zawya lands.
Females account for more than 50% of the total population. 60% of the women contribute in agricultural work. 5% of the population is employed in governmental jobs. The proportion of craftsmen is 10% of the population. They are already suffering from the prevailing circumstances and the general situation.
Al- Zawya lies to the north of Masha Village; to the south of Rafat and Deir Balut villages ; to the west of Green line (Kufr Qassim); and to the east of Sarta village. The establishments of the inclusion wall affected the village negatively. Accordingly, 4,700 acres of land were isolated. Most of the land is agricultural, which planted with olives, beans, wheat and barely. The delay of opening the gates resulted in the inability of the farmers to pick the olive trees behind the wall. As a result the village was affected economically because of the low amounts of oil that had been available annually. It is worth mentioning that oil is considered one of the most important agricultural resources in the village.
The mechanism of implementing the program:

  • Collecting data and information about the village from donor institutions; from people who had already worked in Salfeet District; and from individuals who has ties and relations with people from the village.
  • Calling Al- Zawya Municipality and getting the initial information in terms of population, area, number of institutions, services available in the village.
  • Visiting Al- Zawya Municipality and meeting the mayor and other members of the municipality in order to fill the municipal and local council form.
  •  Visiting the 9 institutions in the village continuously and interviewing the director of the institutions or one of its members to fill the form.
  • Allocating a day for an open meeting to the people of the village to decide on their priorities.
  • Distributing invitations to the people of the village including: institutions, associations, workers at pharmacies and medical centers, school principals and teachers, kindergarten, mosques preachers, retirees. Legal persons were hand delivered, while general public were invited through public calls in mosques or shops or public places.
  • Asking institutions to provide information about their institutions to be presented for the audience; and being ready to answer the questions of the audience.

The meeting was held within the following agenda:

  • Public vote to choose the four institutions to obtain the grant of the program. To see the vote results click here
  • Distributing Dalia grant to the public, then every person distributes his/ her share to the institutions that won in the vote. Then the public becomes the donor rather than Dalia Association. Click here
  • At the end of the meeting we asked the audience to choose monitoring and evaluating committee. There is a room for everyone to be a member in the committee under the following condition that he/ she is not from the institutions that won the grant to see the results of the distribution of the grant.
  • Periodic meetings for the institutions to decide on a project depending on the priorities of each institution.
  • Building institutional capacity in financial management and administrational aspects.
  • networking between institutions in the village and leaders in villages of north-west of Nablus; holding workshops on the role of the local society in monitoring and evaluating process with the support of ABC Consultants Office.  

  • Holding an open meeting after implementing the project to display the financial and administrative reports of the institutions:

- Youth leadership club Click here to see the report 
- Al- Zawya Women’s Charity Association Click here to see the report 
- Abdulqader Abu Naba’a Center and Al Zawya Sanabel center Click here to see the report 
- Displaying monitoring and evaluating committee report Click here to see the report