The Village Decides - Grant Program- 2008

The first program was implemented in Saffa village in Ramallah District. “The Village Decides” is an experimental program which was implemented by Dalia Association in 2008, that as a part of Dalia mechanism which aimed at involving the local society in decision-making process. This mechanism proceeded from the basic goals of Dalia in activating and investing resources to distribute it fairly to achieve social change to gain sustainable development.
“ The village decides” is looking forward to become a permanent and integrated grant program.
Saffa village was chosen to apply this pilot experiment. Safa is an agricultural village located 18 kilometers west of Ramallah in the West Bank. The total area of Saffa is 9700 acres. The population of Saffa is 4500 people. It was not a surprise that Dalia Association would face this common assumption, that it is a wealthy institution which is going to impose its agenda on Saffa village. Therefore, it was important to convince the people of this village that Dalia is an institution which aims at finding the suitable way to support the local society without imposing conditions. Also, it believes that the local society plays a big role in deciding their priorities and needs.
The idea of this pilot experiment aims at involving the public in the experiment by giving them the right of distributing 12,000$ at the institutions which won in the vote. Dalia’s experiment aims at:

  •  Enabling the villagers to practice their right to identify resources investment and distribution.
  • developing critical thinking among the villagers to guide them to evaluate the performance of the institutions in their village depending on specific criteria (away from political and tribal dependency).
  • Enhancing the sense of responsibility and accountability in the local institutions members toward their local societies, rather than the external financier.Showing responsibility and professionalism among the local activists in order to encourage voluntary work and charity at both the local level and Diaspora.
  •  Examining and evaluating the previous methodology to get feedback to reuse it with other groups and sectors.
  •  Supporting the village institutions which had higher ratings. This support affected and met their ambitions and needs through unconditional and simple grants.
  •  Raising awareness of Dalia Association role, and informing the public of the several ways which the Palestinians can use to share in the process of social change to achieve sustainable development.

Application Methodology
The opening Phase:

  • Collecting data and information about the village; building a special form for the institutions; building evaluation form; and building opinion poll form.
  •  Visiting the local council at the village and filling the form which contains information about the village.
  • Visiting the eight institutions and meeting their directors to fill the form of each institution.
  • Making random interviews with the people to fill a form about their views of the projects, which were carried out in the village. Orienting the role of the institutions to meet and fulfill the needs of the local society.
  • Inviting the institutions and the local society to present their institutions to the audience.

Open Meeting Agenda:

  • Familiarizing people with Dalia Association program and objectives.
  • Introducing the program objectives and village selection criteria.
  •  Introducing the work of the institutions, then responding to questions from the audience; giving each institution 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for responding to questions.
  • Giving the audience an opportunity to choose the 4 institutions that deserve the fund using special here to see the Vote Results 
  •  Distributing Dalia Grant to the 34 attendees, every one invoked 353 $.
  • Distributing the grant of the public to 4 institutions. Everyone has the right to give his/her grant to the suitable institution using special form.for More click here

 Phase II:

  •  Holding regular meetings for the board of directors of the institutions which obtained the grant. They decided on the projects and activities according to their priorities.
  •  Deciding on the budgets and plans of the institutions depending on their projects.
  •  Dalia prepared the contracts to ensure the institutions right in obtaining the grant; and to keep the financial documents of buying and selling.Signing the contracts between Dalia and the institutions.
  • Starting to bring offers for the prices. The role of Dalia Association is building up the financial and administrational capacity of the institutions.

Phase III:

  • Visiting institutions to follow-up the financial reports.
  •  Holding meetings by local societies to make evaluation, since local societies are the donors. Each institution displayed their financial report and respond to the questions of the audience.