The Village Decides

Global Fund for Community Foundations. Jenny has been an incredible supporter of Dalia on so many levels since the very beginning -- by providing flexible grants, valuable connections, advice and mentoring, and by actively building knowledge and respect for community philanthropy in the world, including among funders and partners. We are honored and grateful for her championing of Dalia



Familiarization with the program:

This program is designed to involve people in decision-making and resource distribution in a democratic and fair way. Besides, it aims at coping with the Palestinian situation under occupation. It is worth mentioning that these institutions bear the biggest burden to promote civil society, in the light of the international community inability to achieve justice for the Palestinian issue; and ignorance of Palestinians right to live within secure civil society to have all their rights and duties of a human being.
Therefore, Dalia Association finds out the importance of offering the Palestinian community the opportunity to practice their rights to determine their priorities as well as to participate in the distribution of resources to enable them to control the resources to achieve societal change, which leads to real development for the coming generations. In the scope of this program Dalia targets the Palestinian villages to achieve change within certain criteria: the number of population is between 3000-5000, or just over; the number of institutions at a minimum of eight active and efficient ones; the social infrastructure of the village; the acceptance of change within the community.

Program Objectives:

  •  Community involvement in decision-making process;
  •  Empowering the community to use grants based on priorities;
  •  Directing the community to use and invest local resources;
  •  Activating the role of the local society in monitoring and evaluating the institutions of the civil society;
  •  Orientation towards achieving social change and continuous genuine development;
  • Activating the role of the Palestinian Diaspora to involve them in the development proces.

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