Results of Momentum for Philanthropy Competition

The idea of Momentum for Philanthropy emerged from Dalia’s believes of the importance of philanthropy in the Palestinian society where Palestinians give back to their community. The main focus of this competition is to highlight examples of Palestinian philanthropy to change the false image that Palestinians receive help but don't extend it.

This competition was a chance for Palestinian youth to refute this by bringing examples of Palestinian Philanthropy. Those examples of giving elaborate ability, sacrifice, and true desire to develop the different fields in the Palestinian society.
Dalia’s methodology of giving a cash prize of 1000$ to the winner himself and to a youth organization of his choice is just another proof that Palestinian society plays the role of a giver not only a money receiver. 
Dalia Association always makes sure that society money is spent in the most optimum way to get the best outcomes for society, which is a natural right for people living under occupation.
  • The description of the competition was published on Dalia’s website in both Arabic and English language.
  • A logo was designed by contributions from Peace Geeks Organization/Canada, and Smart Design Company/ Ramallah.
  • Saed Karazon was assigned as a coordinator for the project to publish and follow up with the competition on social networking sites.
  • The competition was advertised on Dalia’s Website and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Mass emails were also sent.
  • It was also advertised on local radios like Raya FM, Nesa’ FM, and Amwaj FM. Moreover, the coordinator of the competition and the executive Manager were hosted in a morning show on Palestine Channel.
  •  A committee of six people of different specializations was formed. It included the following people:
o Eyad Joudeh/ Development expert and Manager of Solutions for Development Consulting Company.
o Muhannad Yacoub/ Film Director
o Ahmad Musleh/ Photographer
o Ihab Barghouthi/ Poet
o Saeeda Mousa/ Executive Directors of Dalia Association
o Saed Karazon/ Competition Coordinator
·         During committee meetings, entries were sorted as the following:
Short Story
Entries were sent from different parts in Palestine included Ramallah, Jerusalem, Al-Khalil, Salfeet, Bethlehem, Al-Jaleel, Yafa, and Gaza Strip.
Examples of philanthropy were sent from organizations located outside Palestine like Waqfeyat Al-Maadi Community Foundation in Egypt and Peace Geeks. Those examples were translated and uploaded to Dalia’s website as samples of philanthropy.
  • A small ceremony was held in which active volunteers, participants, and concerned people attended. Results were announced and winners were awarded. The winners are as the following:
1.      Anhar Hejazi from Tamra/ Al-Jaleel/ Palestine 1984 Occupied Land
Anhar talked about a group of youth from the town of Tamra in Al-Jaleel, who wants to raise social, political and cultural awareness in their town. Therefore, they played an important role in many organized events like Family and Child Annual Festival, the second Bike Ride Against Violence, And International Voluntarism Camp. This group works hard to lead the change in the structures of their society. More
2.      Sami Abu Shehadeh from Yafa/ Palestine 1984 Occupied Land
Sami talked about a youth movement started in Yafa city where there are Israeli tries to Obliterate Palestinian identity. Thus, they aimed at reinforcing the Palestinian National Identity amongst Arabs in Yafa, besides, they aimed at reinforcing Arabic language, status of women, equality between the two genders, volunteerism and society serving, and finally, providing professional and academic support to High School students and graduates. More
3.      Adam Ahmad from Al-Zawyeh/ Salfeet
Adam narrated the story of the little kid who was looking for money to buy a wagon that would financially support his poor family. Many people from Al-Zaweyeh town became unemployed after apartheid separated them from Palestine 1984 occupied Lands.  The town found a special fund box that gives small loans to people in order to ease their hard living conditions. More
All winners donated the whole cash prize to the aforementioned groups. Isn’t this what philanthropy all about?!