Grant Program 2012

Village Decides is one of the Grantmaking programs which Dalia Association provides for villages in the West Bank. The village is chosen in accordance with certain criteria like population, number of associations, the openness and willingness of People to change. The measurable standards can be collected through observation, research, and interviews.
The program was implemented in 2012 in Sanour village which is located 14 kilometers away from Jenin District. It has a population of 5000 people; 51% of which are males and 49% are females. Sanour is an agricultural village where 65% of its people work in agriculture, 5% of them employees and craftsmen and 30% are workers. Farmers face problems at winter when rain covers the entire valley with water which makes it difficult to plant it. Thus, farmers have to wait several months after winter till the valley dries. This problem economically affects farmers and the village.

On the East border of the village there is Maythaloun town, Jaba’ on the South, Qabatya on the North and Anza on the West.

Program Implementation 

The opening Phase: 

•  Collecting data and information about the village from individuals who have ties and relations with people from the village and from the village council.

•  Calling Sanour Village Council and getting the initial information in terms of population, area, number of associations in the village and their field of work.

•  Visiting Sanour Village:
   -Meet members of the Village Council in order to fill in the local council form.
   -Meet the associations in the village and interview their directors or one of its members to fill an informative form.

•  Allocating a day for an open meeting to the people of the village.

•  Distributing invitations to the people of the village, hand delivered.

•  Ask the groups to prepare a presentation of their associations to be presented in the open meeting.

•  In the open meeting
   - Audience from the Village was asked to vote for four associations (from 6) which deserve to
     be granted. Click to see the results
   - Dalia announced that there is a grant of 12.000 Dollar to the people of Sanour to give to the
     associations they choose.
   - Dalia Divided the amount of grant on the number of Sanour People attending the meeting(44
     person), then every person distributed his/her share to the association that won in the first
     vote, so publics become the donors instead of Dalia. Click to see results
   - An Evaluation and monitoring committee was determined from the audience of sanour to
     follow up the implementation of projects and attend meetings with the granted Association.
     The members are: 

Kamal Habaybah Jamal Ayassa Jehad Weld Ali Jawad Ayassa Nayef Habaybah
Second Phase:

•  Hold a meeting for the associations to decide on projects depending on the priorities of each association.

•  Conduct Capacity Building training on how to prepare action plans and budgets for projects.

•  Follow up with the associations and help them in the purchase orders and building their institutional capacity in financial management and Administrative aspects.

•  Signing contracts with the associations and starting project implementation.

Third Phase:

•  Conduct Capacity Building Training on how to prepare financial and Administrative reports.

•  Holding a final meeting after implementing the project to present financial and administrative reports of the associations and the Evaluation and Monitoring committee.

Financial and Administrative Reports for the Associations:
Sanour Charitable Association. Click here to see report
•  Sanour Women Club. Click here to see report
•  Marj Sanour Cooperative Association. Click here to see report
•  Sanour cooperative Association. Click here to see report
•  Evaluation and monitoring report. Click here to see report