IBDA' Youth Program

We established the IBDA' youth-controlled grant-making program in 2016, to create an enabling environment for the participation of youth in the Palestinian economy.  The program focuses on enhancing opportunities for youth to become social entrepreneurs. After the identification and selection of needs and priorities by youth, we provide them with the training, mentoring, and networking needed for the implementation of their selected initiatives, encouraging them again to design and implement projects taking into consideration the use of local resources and the environmental and social contexts. With this approach, we believe that this provides the basis for the development of strong and active citizens. The youth decide through a voting process how each grant is spent. They identify their  priorities and needs by holding public meetings where initiatives are discussed to address community issues and priorities. They develop solutions and present them in another public meeting. The people then vote for the best initiatives that benefit them as an entire community. 

The program targets youth in villages and towns of all age groups up to 35 years of age.  We also implement this program in schools targeting 7th-11th graders.