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Dear Business Owner/Investor/Manager:

Businesses that operate in Palestine have been generous to the Palestinian people. Palestinians are suffering politically, economically, and emotionally, and businesses care. But there are at least two other reasons why businesses fund Palestinian charity.

First, “social investment,” that is, investment in Palestinian civil society, helps bring stability to the area, which in turn, leads to a more conducive environment for doing business. Simply stated, access to quality basic services, higher education, and opportunities for civic participation and cultural expression contribute to an environment in which people buy and sell actively, work with energy, and invest with confidence.

Secondly, Palestinians expect companies operating locally to demonstrate their support for Palestinian rights and well-being. They expect companies to make donations, sponsor events, and participate in civic life as good corporate citizens. Being a good corporate citizen is, however, easier said than done. If you have ten local societies asking you to sponsor events, how can you choose among them? If you have twenty youth groups asking for equipment donations, which do you respond to? How can you determine which are the serious, professional nonprofit organizations and which are ineffective? And how can you say “no” when necessary without compromising your reputation in the local community? You are running a company, not a charity, yet in Palestine, charitable works can take up a good deal of your time and effort – without clear results for civil society or for your business.

Dalia Association can help. Dalia Association was founded by a diverse group of members of the Palestinian community who came together to establish a mechanism for sustainable funding for the Palestinian civil society sector. The group decided that the internationally known and proven mechanism known as the “community foundation” would provide the structure, credibility and flexibility to facilitate long-term investment in civil society. Dalia Association receives contributions from corporations, individuals, and institutions. We invest them professionally in a permanent endowment.

The earnings on this endowment constitute sustainable funding for grants to community initiatives, decided by the community itself through transparent and professional grantmaking processes. Make an annual investment in Palestinian-led social change and sustainable development by contributing to Dalia Association. Or, you may establish a corporate named fund at Dalia Association. You set the charitable objectives, make the investment, and we can run your entire corporate social responsibility program for you. Then, you can direct any inquiries to us with confidence that we’ll handle them professionally and in the best interests of the Palestinian people.

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